Wilkinson Humbucker 6 & 7 Strings

Model No.WOGH for N,B
“M” series WOGH pickups are perfect for that “rock-a-billy” style Guitaror as a modern trend statement
instrument. This style of pickup has been popular in many custom shop intsruments from boutique & major

Model No.WOPS for N,B
“M” series WOPS pickups are a powerful single coil pickup (P90 tone in a Humbucking size cover) combine
in a guitar with classic humbuckers to give you two of the most desirable sounds in a stylish matching

Model No. WOHB7 for N,B.
7 string guitars are here to stay and when you are tuning down to D or C or using longer scale lengths
you need a pickup to match. “M”series 7 string pickups deliver the tight bass frequencies that these
guitars demand and still give you the focused sound you need on the high strings.


Model No.WOHZB for N,B
These Versions became referred as “Zebra coils” They were discovered when players started to remove
the covers from their covered “PAF” pickups.Some say they had an extra special sound only available from
a Black and Cream mismatch. Whatever the truth is they do look cool ?

Model No.WOCHB for N,B
Classic “VIntage voiced” covered Humbucking pickups. Correct size coils and windings for that authentic
sound. Chrome/Nickel/Black or Gold covers to compliment your choice of hardware.

Model No.WOHHB for N,B
Uncovered “Hot” Humbuckers, Back in the late sixties  guitarists started to remove the covers from the
original style humbucking pickups.Sometimes it revealed some of the bobbins been made from “virgin”
plastic without the black die used to colour them at the factory.

Model No.WOCMHB for N,B
No Noise but with a slightly narrower coil field giving this pickup a sound of its own, Often considered
the por relative to its full size brother dont be mislead by it’s smaller size, these pickups pack a punch
of their own and give great tone with no noise and sutable for many playing styles. Popular as a neck
pickup in Jazz guitars this pickup is also available for mounting to the end of the fingerboard on a Jazz
style guitar.