Guitar Fret Wires

The best quality fret wires we supply is  always shinning and no rust, the Nickelsilver and Stainless steel we are using is fulfilling the CPSIA Standard with having a Pb content of less than 100 ppm.

we have 12 models has set package 24pcs for one plastic tube as a set pls below image showed, and another package is 900 gram rings for these 12 models, and for stainless stell there is no set package and MOQ is 25KGS per model.

The famous material EVO 01 we do not have a set package. So far we sell it only I big coils of at least 20 Kg per order. we have the production of EVO 01 only every 4-5 month. any model can use EVO 01.

Main customer in the world use same fret wires:
Martin Guitars, Warmoth, Carvin Guitars, Earnie Ball,Gibson Montana,Ovation Guitars, 
Tom  Andersen, PRS, Taylor Guitars, In Spain 
Keller, Esteve, Perez, Alhambra.

In general mainly the head (crown) size is used to specify for which guitar it is used:   
1.For sizes of more than 2.5mm crown width we say it is used for Jumbo, E-Bass and E-guitar. 
For sizes between 1.90 – 2.5mm crown width we recommend to use it for E-guitar, concert guitar and Acoustic guitar.
For sizes smaller than that we recommend to use it for Mandolin and Banjo.
But which size of fretwires you must use for electrical, classical or acoustic guitars is hard to say. I think all is possible. For example, the 9704 its crown width is 2.28mm  which is often used by Gibson for their electrical guitars. For acoustic and concert guitars, many of our Spanish customers prefer a soft fretwire which has maybe the advantage of a better tone, but also a disadvantage of a shorter lifetime.