E.Guitar Pickguard Color Code

we have more than 33 different color pickguard for you to choose, here we didn't load up photo to show
white/black/white XD-09, solid vintage white XD-11,solid white color code XD-17,
solid gross black XD-02,black/white/black XD-12,solid matt black XD-14,

customer can order white and black color use above mentioned color code.

XD-35, 4 layer, XD-35/W/B/W XD-22, 4 layer, Tortoise/B/Ivory/B
XD-13, 4 layer, XD-13/W/B/W XD-20,4 layer,XD-20/W/B/W
XD-29,4 layer, XD-29/W/B/W XD-04, Red Pearl, 4 layer, XD-04/W/B/W
XD-36, Cream Pearl,4 layer,XD-36/Ivory/B/Ivory XD-37,Light Mint Pearl,4 layer,XD-37/Mint/B/Mint
XD-26, White Pearl,4 layer, XD-26/W/B/W XD-34, 4 layer, XD-34/W/B/W
XD-38,Abalone,3 layer, Abalone/B/W XD-39,Leopard,4 layer,Leopard/W/B/W
XD-30, Blue pearl,4 layer,XD-30/W/B/W XD-33, Purple Pearl, 4 layer,XD-33/W/B/W
XD-10 Gray pearl,4 layer, XD-10/B/W/B XD-27,Green Pearl,4 layer, XD-27/W/B/W
XD-15, 3 layer,Mint green/black/mint green XD-18,3 layer, light mint green/black/light mint green
XD-03, 3 layer, light green/black/light green XD-01, Solid cream