About Us

Here is your one-stop solution for all guitar parts, as a guitar parts Integration exporter, what do we do?  
our routine jobs are:

1,  Split whole order into sub order and send it to different guitar parts factory,
2,  Push each factory one by one for punctual delivery,
3,  Receiving and gathering all parts by logistics from our parts factory located in different province.
4,  Checking parts quality and quantity as per the order list.
5,  If some carton is weak or broken during domestic transportation when we received, we need to redo packing,
6,  Measure weight and cubic meter and booking shipping space,
7,  Put all inseparable highlighted yellow color shipping mark label on each carton,.
8,  Arrange loading to the truck and send it  Ningbo sea port warehouse,
9,  Preparing shipping documents and send it to customer.

The value our job creats:
1.  Save customer’s time,  one time shipping for all guitar parts could save customer’s time, we follow up with all different factory, customer just need to facing us.
2.  Save customer’s money, one time shipping for all guitar parts could save customer’s money,
    (if all different parts factory send their parts to customer individually then customer need to pay many times local logistic service charge and sea shipping company service charge).
3.  Keep customer in safe mode We do inspection for parts quality checking, quantity checking, secure packing checking before shipment that make business safe.
 Customer's benefit is always be the first, If quality issue happen, We are liable for compensation before the factory,We do compensation first.