T-O-M Style,Tailpieces,Wrap-Over Bridges

Model No.WOGB1
First introduced around 1954 this is the “Go-To” bridge of choice for the vast majority of fixed bridge style guitars utilising this bridge . Authentic looks and construction.

Model No.WOGB2
Wider version of the WOGB1 gives more intonation adjustment to each string.  larger diameter hieght adjusting mounting posts can be adjusted with a flat blade screwdriver.

Model No.WOGT1
First introduced in 1953 as a stand alone bridge / tailpiece it is still used like this on the most expensive custom shop guitars from the US, however it is more commonly used as a tailpiece behind the tune-a-matic style bridge`

Model No.WOGT2
The Ultimate Rock bridge giving unparalled string to body resonace. A real tone monster. Pre-set intonation guarantees in-tune strings

Model No.WOGT3
Combined wrapover tailpiece with intonatable saddles. Excellent tone transfer with perfect intonation with hybrid string sets