Guitar Electronic Parts

Alpha Pots, 250K vs. 500K
Generally, 500K-ohm pots are used with humbuckers and 250Ks are used with single-coil pickups. 25K pots are used for active systems.
You can use any value you like, but a 250K will give a slightly warmer tone than a 500K pot. The 250K pot bleeds off (attenuates) some of the high frequencies to ground. A 1 Meg-ohm pot will attenuate even less than a 500K pot, so if you want to hear your guitar "wide open" you may want to try one.


Alpha Guitar Pots
L(Shaft length) 18.00mm.
Base diameter 16.50mm,


Alpha Guitar Pots
L(Shaft length) 18mm.
Base diameter 24mm,

Alpha Guitar pots,
L(Shaft length) 18mm
Push/pull pot